How You Can Help

  • Can you share your workplace skills in a 1-hour workshop to young adults who struggle with learning differences?   

  • Do you have a young adult who needs prep to be workplace ready? What can you, in turn, teach others? (As a collaborative cooperative, we all have skin in this game!)

  • Can you help us collaborate with other dedicated and awesome workplace-readiness, job training groups as we help to fill in the holes, helping to create matches and mentoring?

  • Do you own a business where our siblings and/or young people can tour to learn about what it takes to do what you do?

  • Can you sponsor a meetup for our siblings to ensure they have a spectacular time doing something just for them?

  • We seek to fill holes. We network with and honor those currently offering programs.

You will help families of young people with learning differences who are desperately seeking supports for a successful launch into independence. Your mentorship will provide guidance in finding and using the tools they need that will help them overcome fear, target their intrinsic motivation and help them find purpose, unlike doing nothing and accepting the status quo. 

Inviting our siblings to your place of business or sponsoring a fun meetup will provide them with opportunities to socialize with other neuro-typical children who are also members of families with children with special needs or learning differences. Your sponsorship donation is 100% tax deductible.

3 Ways to Help

  1. Donate - 100% tax deductible. Help us to provide scholarships, fun, safe, meetups for our siblings and educational workplace readiness trainings for our young adults.

  2. Mentor a young adult in workplace readiness.

  3. Speak - be a guest at any of our meetups or workshops to share your expertise.

You have certainly identified a HUGE NEED for the population of people with disabilities.
Lisa L. Wilson, Hays & Wilson, PLLC