As of 07.16.19, our workshops have served over 2,855 families, educators & caregivers
in the world of learning differences.

"I was very fortunate to have a chance to attend your class during the 2016 ECMC Conference.  Thank you for being so informative on concepts in improving the world of learning differences.  Your endless energy during the presentation was phenomenal.  The smoothness of the 8-minutes distraction kept me engaged during the entire presentation.  Thanks again for sharing your expertise and your time."  (Jodi Woodring)

"Thanks Gayle.  Your seminar was excellent and has expedited my decision making regarding what to do next with my play. Your chart is very well done, which helped to consolidate my thinking, research and feelings as to what needs to be my future actions. I needed the ‘big picture’ which you nicely have provided." Regards, Dennis

"Gayle, we had our final class tonight and reviewed the semester. Your name came up so often and how you helped each student understand, what it felt like as a student with a disability. They wanted to say thank you for making such an important impact and helping them understand special needs children. That card you received just doesn't seem enough in wanting to say THANK YOU.  Know that you have made a positive impact on so many future teachers in such a positive way. Just wanted you to know.  From my heart to you too; thank you so so much."  (Marlene Morgan, UHCL, AAAE 2014 TX Adjunct of the Year Runner Up)