Getting Sorted has become a collection of information gleaned from our village to serve those with neurodiversity and their caregivers. We are a community that continues to grow in an ever increasing forward motion that allows us to build up those who serve and live in the world of learning differences.

Our Mission
Working together to raise the community's awareness and to provide families, caregivers, and professionals the tools necessary to enlighten, engage and educate children of learning differences.

Helping our young people with learning differences prepare for their futures.

Providing typical siblings customized social meet-ups and educational scholarships to enable
them to have normal life experiences outside the challenges of the immediate family circle.

The Story of Our Logo

First there was (and is) Getting Sorted. Then there was (and is) Special Needs Sibs, Our Training Center, and If We Learn Differently, and well, we just keep filling holes where we find them. We are always in forward motion. Each group had its own logo. Yet, we are a whole.   One and separate, all in the same village……led and motivated to action by what our young people need. 

We call that skin-in-the-game.

Our logo now reflects the forward motion and the ability to continue educating, collaborating and utilizing the collective wisdom of the village.  It takes us all to raise our complex, unique children.

Logo Combined.png

We evolved through some gorgeous creative original designs (one actually inspired by a toilet paper holder…… ask Christina about that one!)  

We finally fell in love with what you now see.  Each circle is complete and yet supports the rest. 

Even the colors were purposefully chosen.  They are spring colors, full of promise.

The dark purple remains blank, ready for what we will be doing next, with you.

The future is so bright!

Angela, Christina & Gayle (our Design Team), Ryan (Design Assistant)

one morning while brainstorming our logo - coffee in the Bistro with gayle, christina, and angela

one morning while brainstorming our logo - coffee in the Bistro with gayle, christina, and angela